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As part of the official competition of the event, among the most attractive proposals of the festival are the shows “Poll-dance” and the flying trapeze, popularly known as “Bird Flight” by Havana Company, belonging to CNC.

Other artists have also generated great expectations such as the Japanese Arata Urawa, specialist in diabolos, in addition to the trapezists from the Great Canadian Circus and Chinese acrobatic group Fuyong Acrobatic Art Troupe, winner of the Grand Prix in the editions of 20 of this competition.

Almost every case stems from the Philippines, where good English speakers, increased internet connections and widespread international cash transfer systems combine with widespread poverty and easy access to vulnerable kids.

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The skill, joy, creativity and colors, characterizing the most legendary of the performing arts: the circus, are elements in keeping with the nature-the way of being and acting, of Cubans.

This has therefore created an ambiguous and ironic position for the artist, a dilemma as to what he can do with contemporary media that reach many more people than the art gallery.”(2) Now, almost 45 years later, Mc Shine’s prescient remarks are tinged with an increased urgency.

Thanks to rapid technological advances, art and media historian Jonathan Crary hypothesizes that we are now living in a ‘24/7’ environment, from which we can never truly be disconnected, and is the result of an ascendant “global infrastructure for continuous work and consumption.”(3) In this hyper-networked, always ‘on’ system, it becomes impossible to disengage—we willingly or unwillingly take part in a voyeuristic cycle where we are always either watching or being watched.

An alternative had been to extend the idea of art, to renew the definition, and to think beyond the traditional categories.”(1) Within this new environment, Mc Shine suggested, the artist must act as interpreter not only for an elite, museum-going public, but for a wider audience trying to make sense of the implications of this daily sensorial onslaught: “The public is constantly bombarded with strong visual imagery, be it in the newspapers or periodicals, on television, or in the cinema.

An artist certainly cannot compete with a man on the moon in the living room.

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